KwolleM Goes East With Eklipse, Mic Ty & Rayf For An Ode To Newham

Mellow Grime’s KwolleM returns with his latest cut ‘East Manna Man’.

KwolleM is deadly at production, one listen in, and he takes you on a musical roller-coaster. Switching up the beat, throwing in nostalgic interjections and throws out the rule book to traditional song composition.

‘East Manna Man (Newham)’, brings together Eklipse, Mic Ty, and Rayf for a four minute ode to their home-town of East London’s Newham. Building up momentum and pace as the song progresses, beginning melodic, as each second passes, the carefully crafted beat develops into a darker grimey track, ending in a, now, traditional Mellow Grime crescendo. Trust me, it’s very cold.

If you want some more KwolleM, then check out his last project, WolleM 2 – Thugs Empathy, available to stream via SoundCloud and as a Deluxe Version to purchase via Bandcamp. But for now, lose yourself in this nostalgia induced one, orchestrated by KwolleM and the lyrical talents of Eklipse, Mic Ty and Rayf below: