Kwollem Is Back With ‘WolleM 2 – Thugs Empathy’

If you were missing in 2015 you may be excused for not having Mellow Grime etched into your iTunes libraries. Back in November we bought you Kwollem’s auditory delight ‘Mellow EP’ but if you didn’t mange to clock his gully project then please feel free to pree it here and acquaint yourself with everything Mellow Grime.

The last time we touched on the subject, Mellow Grime was a young infant still finding it’s feet, but this advanced bugger knew exactly what direction it was heading. Now Kwollem is back at it with his, WolleM 2 – Thugs Empathy Mixtape, and it’s crystal clear that this cultivated toddler is starting to get comfortable on it’s toes.

The team drafted for this project is one of an unorthodox stature, a questionable formation on paper for sure. But in spite of that, this multitude of sounds fit together rather well. I think that’s what I like the most about anything Kwollem put’s his hand too, he likes to push boundaries as conforming to generic conventions doesn’t sit too well within his work ethic, you just have to admire that right?

Mellow Grime’s family tree is growing by the minute, with it’s roots firmly dug into the roadside and it’s branches spanning out to a worldwide web of sounds, and WolleM 2  is no different. You’ve got Jay Cole meets P Money, sprinkled with a bit of Flipmode Squad finished off with a side of Topboy soundbites, where else would this auditory collage happen?

For as long as Kwollem pushes the limit, his work will always be a thing of beauty, semi-detached from the musical landscape. This project serves as an easy listen, Press play and unearth the hidden sounds, you might even stumble across a a snippet of Avicii.