Kwollem Is Mellow In Perfect Progression

We’ve previously bought you the crossroad intersection that collides the worlds of Grime & R&B to spawn the wonderfully progressive movement that is Mellow-Grime. Now we revisit the scene of this auditory collision to acquaint you with East-London native Kwollem and his ‘Mellow’ EP.

‘Mellow’ EP serves as a nostalgia fuelled joyride, it’s bears the likeness of many formats of the genre of Grime we’ve been raised on, the genre that comfortably sits with it’s feet up on the iTunes libraries of the multitude of the UK and beyond. Yet this sneaky fabricator is reshaping the landscape, these new forms are driven with the same aggression and energy yet they’re polished off in a mellow form.

Where else can you find yourself being wooed by a perplexing kaleidoscope of sounds that put an abundance of artists new & old under one roof. We’ve got vocal samples coming from the camps of legends, there’s Dizzee Rascal and Skepta – New age upstarts Jevon, Joe James Flames & AJ Tracey are embodied in this potion, and of course the formulae wouldn’t be complete without the arrival of Rayf.

How can such a juxtaposition work so flawlessly? I’ll tell you why, it’s because Kwollem is a badman. 

Mellow grime is at a playful state at the moment, nothing is set in stone or finalised but the co-ordinates have been set and the wheels are in motion. It’s a movement that wishes to embody the ideology and sounds of the British soundscape.

Kwollem 1

This project is an amalgamation of grime and culture that ran rings around my auditory sense, I was hearing sounds of days gone by that I used to bluetooth my friends in class, fused with sounds that I now blast through the speakers in my car with the mandem, for me it’s a perfect progression of our culture.

‘Mellow’ EP is a tool that should be used to educate the neigh sayers and anybody else who needs a placid drop of culture in their life, as Grime emerged from Garage, ‘Mellow’ is emerging from Grime.

Check out the deluxe version on BandCamp with bonus tracks.