Lady Leshurr Brought The Banter To Reading

It wasn’t just the boys who were taking over Reading Festival, day 3 opened with none other than Lady Leshurr who’s been out claiming the crown as the U.K’s leading Queen. We caught up with the lady herself backstage after her set to catch up and banter a little about what’s been happening and what’s new.

The Queens Speech has been doing some huge numbers where it is up to now?

I know! the numbers on Queens Speech 4 is over 2 million now within 3 weeks, Queens Speech 2 almost 2 million, Queens Speech 1 is 1 million, Queens Speech 3 – they’re basically all coming up to 2 million.

Was it always the plan to do 4 in a row?

Well it was a plan, I prepared it last year, I just kind of looked at the scene and thought what was missing as opposed to seeing what people are doing so I can fit in kind of thing. So that’s where the idea came from and the royalty and just being royal and it’s all a concept and it’s all linked to Queen of The Scene EP which will be out soon as well.

When’s the EP coming out?

I can’t say any dates yet, I don’t wanna make any promises. So yeah.

What’s the plan moving forward?

I’m just doing me at the moment, I’m just working on music and trying to be as good as the last Queens Speech and the last song I’ve done. I’m just trying to improve and hopefully you never know what happens.

So did you expect it to go off the way its gone off, cos you’ve been doing this for a while?

No I didn’t you know, yeah I’ve been doing this for a while but I’ve never really done anything like this. This is something I’ve always wanted to do, like bringing out the banter and bringing out the fun and the entertainment side of music. Because that’s what I feel is missing in the scene, I feel like everyones too cool, everyone wants to be that cool guy, I wanna stand out and its also my personality. So its good that I can just be myself finally a 100% on a track and people can relate and laugh at it and watch it many times over.

How’s it feel for you knowing now that it’s when you came out doing you that it blew up bigger then it’s done before?

It just makes me realize, I should always go with my gut feeling, always go with what I want to go by and just focus on that, focus on the brand, building the brand.

For a lot female MC’s that are looking at you right now and seeing you and how hard you’ve been working what advice would you give to them?

I would just say do it if you know you want to do it for the rest of your life, don’t just do it cos you think that you just wanna get famous or you wanna get money, it doesn’t work like that. You have to work, you’re gonna have times where you just end up broke and you just haven’t got the money, and you can’t afford studio time and stuff like that. So if you’re passionate about it, I’d say do it follow your heart.

What made you want to get into the Hip-Hop scene and be an MC, what made you feel you could be a part of it?

I was like 6 years old I can remember and I heard Sister Nancy ‘Bam Bam’ that’s like a reggae track, that used to get played so many times in my mums house, and that’s the first rap that I ever done was on that track. I always gotta pay homage to Sister Nancy. And then growing up listening to garage, hip-hop and R&B and reggae all in my house was playing all the time, I have a little influence from all genres. But the main people I used to listen to was DJ Luck and MC Neat I just love the melodies that they had, and Miss Dynamite again he melodies and she also paved the way and opened the door for all the rest of us coming through. But it was Missy Elliot and Eminem when I was 12 years old, that was the first time I heard ‘Hi my name is’ and I just knew I just wanted to be a rapper, something inside of me just made me know that is all I wanted to do.

You’re music is really empowering, and recently there’s been quite alot more women in music talking about not always being given their dues and the blatant sexism in the industry, have you ever experienced anything like that?

I feel that to an extent it is sexist, when I first trying to rap and MC the guys weren’t really taking me seriously they were just like you rap, you spitting? And then when I go on they’re like ‘rah’ – they don’t expect a female to be able to do what they can do plus better and more. For them its just a shock and that’s the part where I think it’s a bit sexist when it comes to that. Cos anyone can do it, you never know. Other than that I think, we have our own categories at awards shows and stuff like that and sometimes I think why can’t we be placed in other categories not like just best female and the female this and that. I feel like it needs to be more equal.

Have you got some other dates coming up other than Reading Festival that people should check out?

Yeah I got my first tour coming in October and I’m so excited, I’m going to Manchester, Glasgow, Leeds, Birmingham, London and Bradford. So we’ve got a few.

Is Reading your first festival?

No I’ve done Wireless before and SxSW.

…but Readings very different

Its crazy, the vibes I got from the crowd is amazing, there was all hype, I loved it. Its better than Leeds Festival I’ll throw that out there. I get different responses everywhere I go, it makes me realize where I need to touch base more. But I think Leeds it had a big crowd, I think the crowd was a bigger here though, I think they were a decent big crowd, just think the energy here was more they wanted to shock out.

Check out Lady Leshurr on her forthcoming tour.