Lady Leshurr & The Pleasurable Struggle

Unless an MC has some kind of rap privilege via a collective or established artist, trying to make it in the rap game is close to impossible. A lot of dreams have been crushed on the rocks of reality because of the harsh unforgiving challenges that up and coming lyricists face.

“All I have is music, without music I do not have anything”

It is a fiercely competitive environment amplified by social media platforms, judged by temperamental, fickle fans. Relentless determination is needed to cut through. Undeniable talent is required to compete, combined with a limitless endurance. Multiply this by at least ten for female artists. This unforgiving process separates the strong from the not so strong which is why so few artists make it. As Leshurr comments “the longer you’re in the game, you do loose hunger”. Without hunger you don’t eat. You don’t eat, you’re dead.

Leshurr has made a lot of mistakes, she’s been dissed, underrated, and written off at times. She started from the bottom, so all of this is to be expected. But now she is here, she has defined her own unique lane and purpose. She confessed to me that “All I have is music, without music I do not have anything”, which is why she has endured what she calls the “Pleasurable struggle”, as if almost appreciating the trials and tribulations that she has been through.

Leshurr is a self made MC who writes her own raps, co-directs her own videos, and co-produces her music. She  has evolved from a lady to a queen, she has a self taught business acumen and the reinforced confidence to trust her own creative instinct.

This week on the ‘Hip Hop Raised Me’ podcast, Leshurr breaks down how to take 12 months out of your life to reflect and rebuild. Then turn your life around and define your very own individual triumph.

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