Land Of The Not So Free Hovering

So the ruling is in and y’all who’ve been roaming around on those ‘Segways’ or ‘Hovertrax’, are about to come in for some slack, as the British government has announced that these are now illegal to ride around in public.

According to the ruling; A Segway Personal Transporter may not be driven on a pavement in England and Wales. As for using them on roads, well for now you can’t obtain a licence either as it is not considered to meet requirements for U.K roads. “Because there is no separate legislation here for public road use by non-EC type-approved vehicles, they cannot be registered and licensed for use on a public road. As a consequence, any user of such a vehicle on a public road is likely at the very least to be committing the offences of using the vehicle without insurance and using the vehicle without an excise licence”.

The skateboard-sized auto-balancing transporter has already been subject to scrutiny in the U.S and recent public spats have occurred with Wiz Khalifa and Young Thug, who were both apprehended after riding the segway’s in public places. It has been hailed as the ‘next big thing’ and bigger then ‘Google Glasses’ but then again could it suffer the same fate as the now defunct glasses, with the new restrictions in place?

The ruling comes just as the hype keeps growing for the release of an actual floating ‘Hoverboard’. The technology has been ready and waiting to be launched to the public as the era of ‘Back To The Future’ looms. Lexus recruited British skateboarding star Ross McGouran as the rider of the new Lexus Hoverboardfor the first reveal earlier in the summer.

No word of when this could actually be launched, and by the look of things, we could be in for a much longer wait.