LAOLU Lets You Know ‘How To Feel’

After a 3 year hiatus and a decision to quit music to deal with her struggle with depression, LALOU made a return recently with her first new song in some time with ‘All In Me’. LALOU isn’t holding back anymore and is out to prove her heart is right back in her music.

You would have to have some next level confidence to take on a sample of Aaliyah’s classic 90’s sweet sweet slow jam ‘Let Me Know’ and actually nail it but LAOLU does just that. Stripping it right back and confidently letting her honey-dripped vocals take the lead, ‘How To Feel‘ ironically only shows insecurity in the way LAOLU tackles the uncertainty in a relationship.

I think everyone has unfortunately fallen for someone that turned out not to be serious, and has left them in limbo, or given them false hope.” LAOLU explains. “It’s about feeling like the person you’re with is leaving you on pause, one minute they’re hot, the next they’re cold. I felt people would connect with the song, and really enjoy the old school R&B vibe of the track”.

Taken from the forthcoming debut EP ‘All In Me’, listen to the new single below and you’ll know why all our eyes are firmly on LAOLU right now;