LDN Documentary Puts A Focus On The Scene In The City

London or LDN as this vital new documentary from Nathan Miller abbreviates it, is an intimate portrait of a city that’s been busting against itself to break out. Whatever obstacles come in it’s way, whether it’s the closure of venues to restrictions like Form 696, London is resilient and resolute producing wave after wave of new artists.

Unprecedented today in it’s volume and breadth of sounds, the UK is giving life to MC’s, producers, photographers, videographers and platforms who are putting a new breed of British music out into the world. A worthwhile watch, Nathan Miller’s first full length documentary, focuses in on the capital city as he talks to some of the leading personalities from the underbelly of London. Beyond Grime, LDN takes a look at UK Rappers, Poets, Singers, Producers and A&R’s all breaking down how the London scene lives and breathes. Its an honest insight which gets to the heart of the real soundtrack of the city, featuring interviews with Posty, Elf Kid, Semtex, Morgan Keyz, 67, Nyge, J Hus, Vicky Grout, Belly Squad, SNE, Jevon, Reeko Squeeze, Reekz MB, Kenny Allstar, Youngs Teflon, Fredo, Ratlin & Kojey Radical.

That’s not to say that movements outside of LDN aren’t worth documenting, but if this first documentary is anything to go by, I expect there will be much more to come from Nathan Miller. Look at LDN and then check out more movements clocking millions over millions of views virtually under the radar, from the rise and rise of High Focus, to the new album from P110, and believe the UK is on the rise.

For now it’s clear the worlds eyes are on London, as Drake has already testified “I honestly think that the best rappers in the world are in London” – and LDN sets out to explain just why he might think so!