Learn How To Jab With Shotty Horroh

There’s been a lot of beef, clashes, and conflict recently.

Everything changed last night when Manchester’s very own Shotty Horror put his perspective online courtesy of the good folk at Link Up TV. Shotty does not play, he is a lyrical savage, master of many styles, many flows, and he lives for the battle.

He’s an award winning fighter, a battle rap champion. If battle rap is like boxing; a respected sport with rules and world class fighters. Rap beef is like an out of control  bar room brawl; no rules, anything can happen, and it usually all ends up bad.

The lyrical excellence of ‘Jab’ is jaw dropping, backed by the sonics of my nephew Dr G. As great and brutal as it is, there are some questions that need answering.

Is it appropriate for Shotty to use his techniques out of the ring?

Is it an unfair advantage given that he is a seasoned pro in the art of battling?

More importantly what happens next?