Lemon. A Master Of Her Own Destiny

Her voice is that of a young temptress, taking hold of her own path towards female empowerment and creation.

Meet Lemon., a 22 year old Toronto based musician and producer who’s been writing and recording music on a synth keyboard out of her bedroom since she was 12. Her latest track, “Your Friends (Interlude)” is simply hypnotic; Lemon. composes a tender blend between her own gentle vocals and slow synth sound.

When asked to describe her sound she says that it, “combines elements of electronic, R&B, synth-pop, hip-hop, and alternative music.” However, Lemon. aims to not fit just right in any one frame, she hopes to “create something new and different, something people haven’t heard before.”

Lemon. self-produces her music, along with the help of Tay Lewis and Giangelo Power, both fellow Toronto based producers who also work alongside Lemon. in the collaborative space of The Remix Project. The Remix Project grad’s include producers like Wondagurl, it’s programs for disadvantaged and talented young people help them to transcend any barriers that may be road-blocking their entry into the creative field

Amongst influences such as Frank Ocean and BANKS, she alludes to Jhene Aiko, which comes as no shock when she describes herself to be an intersectional feminist, “recognizing that there are multiple aspects of female identity.”

Lemon.’s sound is captivating, however, it certainly does not distract from her badass lyrics, especially on ‘Your Friends’.  “I’m moving up and you’re in my way, baby take a look at me now,” she sings, almost insinuating rejection of any attempts to be robbed of her destiny to “be something.”