Lethal Bizzle Brings Giggs And Flowdan ‘Round Here’

When you talk about Grime, thoughts of rapid electronic sounds mixed with deep basslines come to mind. However, when you bring up the production trio who have been responsible for making some of the biggest Grime instrumentals that brought the underground back to the charts, the sound moves away from the norm.

Lethal Bizzle has been a consistent figure on the scene since the early noughties. Being one of the artists that used the sound to make waves in the music business and the charts, the east London MC knows quite a bit about what makes a good song.

I don’t wanna be the king but it seems that it’s pretty clear
(Yeah, it seems pretty clear, man)
15 summers straight, I ain’t never skip a year
I ain’t never skip a year — Lethal Bizzle, Dude

After creating songs that have had the festivals jumping, Bizzle has come into 2017 with  ‘Round Here’, a song that brings us back to the underground. Collaborating with heavyweight production team The Heavytrackerz (the team behind the hits ‘German Whip’ and ‘Not That Deep’), this is a great choice for Lethal to create a Grime sound that can translate across various formats with. When you first hear classical vocal samples leading you into the sounds of violins, you know it’s time to get prepared for something different.

When the beat drops, it immediately makes you move. The skippy beat is just right for Bizzle to establish himself and present a chorus alongside veteran MC FlowDan. Stepping into the verse, a few will clock onto the familiar Dizzee flow at the start which shows Lethal paying homage before dropping some braggadocios bars. This is great, not only because of what he’s saying but because it’s all true. He really is releasing 500 horses when he steps into gear and it is totally realistic we could see Lethal B in another 10 years still making musical waves.

Man wanna go on like some musketeer
Talkin’ about p, my p you’re not near
500 when I step into gear
Look in the rear view, don you’re not there

Just when you thought this song is hype enough to have a club bumping, along comes the best Grime featured artist of 2016. Giggs is a rapper, one of the most important rappers in the UK. But recently, he’s been stepping onto Grime tracks and absolutely murking them. Giggs is no stranger to the genre but last year, his featured verses were some of the best and most memorable. On ‘Round Here’, Giggs searches his repertoire and pulls out a flow that adapts the instrumental like winter tires on these slippery London streets. Switching the flow and slowing it down to deliver bars that will have people in the dance acting like they are musical conductors, Hollowman has once again made his mark on the game.

Bizzle has made a statement with this tune. Choosing to join the new release alongside a new video directed by Chas Appeti, he continues to make songs that will make their way into Grime sets. With his upcoming album ‘Lennox Rd’ on the way, ‘Round Here’ gives us something to look forward to in 2017.

‘Round Here’ is available on buy on iTunes and stream on Spotify.