Lethal Bizzle & Stormzy Are Straight Up Dudes

“Nah fam you ain’t that dude!” It’s been a pretty hardcore few days on the internet with some hefty ‘words’ being exchanged between mandem and pretenders getting called out.

‘Dude’ is timed perfectly as a warning shot to any wannabe dudes out there acting like they can just jump onto the Grime bandwagon “You ain’t that dude!, What you are on the grime, In real life you live with your marms”. Lethal Bizzle has had one of the longest stretches in the game and still is as relentless a heavyweight as ever – ‘15 summers straight, I ain’t never skip a year.

Joining him in the ring, Stormzy stirs up a shittstorm, man can’t tell him about Grime, he’s standing side by side with an OG – ‘My big bro Lethal brought me on tour last year, I just sold out mine’.

Debuting the track at 1Xtra live in Leeds, Lethal Bizzle is straight up that ‘Dude’, produced by Distortion, the new single is available to pre-order now on iTunes.