Lets Talk About The Scientific Evolution Of Hip-Hop

Hip hop is more than just a music genre, it’s now proven to be the most important development in music culture and that’s a scientifically proven fact.

For many fans Hip-Hop is an identity and a way of life, through its beats, lyrics and sub-culture it’s influenced everything from poetry and music to politics and resistance. So if you want to go a little bit deeper, and check out the science behind Hip-Hop and unpick the power of the music beyond the turntable, then join DJ Semtex and guests at the British Science Festival this September.

Alongside a panel of British scientists, DJ Semtex will be finding out about the psychology angle, the rapid speech production and perception involved in rapping and listening to Hip-Hop and it’s influence on other music genres.

Semtex will be joined by;

Rowan Oliver – a music professor from the University of Hull who will be talking about how Hip-Hop as a genre has been really influential to other music genres over the years.

Louise Middleton – a linguistics researcher from the University of Manchester who looks at conscious vs. unconscious rhyming and compares Hip-Hop to Shakespeare.

Carolyn McGettigan – a neuroscientist who works on the mechanics of the voice and how sounds are physically produced in the voice box.

This event is free, so book your place early to guarantee a seat.

The Evolution of Hip-Hop will take place at the Bradford Playhouse on Monday the 7th of September at 19.00-20.30, as part of The British Science Festival, and is organised by the British Science Association.