Lil Yachty Still Sailing With New Mixtape ‘Summer Songs 2’

Every music journo or DJ has had something to say about the hip hop worthiness of Lil Yachty. Whether you’re still debating the merits of this Atlanta rapper or think he just walks on water – lil may only be 18, but Yachty is still sailing.

Miles Parks McCollum aka Lil Yachty knew he was the shit and put his quirky inventiveness to work into creating a memorable persona all around his hair… yeah his hair! Sure the signature red head beads paid off with brands like Puma tapping him to front campaigns but he turned himself into a brand and instantly took it to beats and rhymes.

I was probably the popularest kind on campus, but in the worst way,” Lil Yachty says partway through #KeepSailing, a new film directed by Petra Collins and produced by The FADER. “I was a laughingstock. I was a joke because of my hair. Being in college really let me know I don’t want to live a regular life. I want to be rich, I want to be a celebrity, I want to be famous. I want to have this hair and people don’t laugh, they get excited.

We rated his debut effort ‘Lil Boat’ and Lil Yatchy plans to keep everyone talking about him a lot longer. Already here with his 2nd mixtape, and now officially signed, ‘Summer Songs 2’ is here just head of his US tour.

Lil Yatchy is all in – are you yet? Summer Songs 2, is streaming now on Apple Music and available to download on iTunes. Check the documentary below featuring 2 new cuts;