Listen To Allan Kingdom’s ‘Northern Lights’

The 2015 Brit Awards didn’t just thrust Grime to the top of every headline after Kanye’s firestarter performance of ‘All Day’ but also became a moment that thrust Allan Kingdom onto the world stage. Since then the wait has been no less than impatient for his new project.

After over a year since the release of his 2014 mixtape ‘Future Memoirs‘, and celebrating his 22nd birthday today, Allan Kingdom releases his new project ‘Northern Lights’. With 13 tracks including guest features from D.R.A.M, Chronixx and Gloss Gang, Kingdom links up again with long time co-collaborator and executive co-producer Plain Pat.

An immigrant son of Tazmanian and South African parents, arriving from Winnipeg, Canada and now residing in St Paul, Minnesota, Allan is a true son of the internet, a generation who are taking their music beyond the gatekeepers to a new world without boundaries.

Allan Kingdom shows a different level of versatility when it comes to his music and his form doesn’t follow function it follows form as music, the kind only originators create. Allan’s not even close to peaking, he’s just finally giving us something we didn’t even know we wanted till we got it.

Listen to ‘Northern Lights’ and savour the moments, you won’t need to travel to Winnipeg to catch a glimpse of this unique phenomena;

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