Little Simz Has A Curious Tale To Tell

“I just do me” is a statement that epitomises the subject of a short film released to co-incide with the debut album from 21 year old British rapper Little Simz. ‘A Curious Tale of Trials + Persons: The True Story’, charts the trials, tribulations and adulations bestowed on and experienced by the rising independent Hip Hop artist.

‘A Curious Tale of Trials + Persons’ is released on Simz own independent label Age 101: Music, a conceptual 10 track debut album focused on the subject of fame, which interestingly would be premature for any other debut project but for Little Simz has come off of significant anticipation.

Living in her moments, we go through her curious journey of making and promoting the forthcoming album, the short film directed by Jeremy Cole, follows Little Simz from city to city as she introspectively explores her place in the music industry and amongst her peers. Whatever kind of future or fate stands ahead of her, Little Simz is a determined and driven British M.C but it’s been a difficult industry to venture through, and it may have tainted her soul. Stormzy talks about Simz in a revealing moment during the film ‘I remember when I first saw ‘Dead Body’, I was like Bruv, Simz you’ve done it again but what was mad about ‘Dead Body’, is that I feel like that was the last time I ever felt like that with Simz, the game has this way of tainting people and maybe she got tainted, I don’t know I don’t really like to talk about it”.

The North London born rapper and musician has certainly managed to make her mark on a global scale with the hype generated around her mixtapes and EPs, with numerous co-signs to her name from respected peers like Stormzy and Kendrick Lamar. The debut album features production from her Space Age + Age 101: Music affiliates Josh Arcé and OTG, alongside Prezident Jeff, DEEZY, Tiffany Gouché, Sigurd, IAMNOBODI and The Hics. “This is an album without singles, it’s a complete body of work, a concept album. It’s time for me to show and prove and I’m more than ready to make my mark”