Lock Your Eyes On NoMBe

The era of cultural nomads is upon us and as more and more of us cross borders and break through barriers to entry, a new generation of artists are arising without limitation to how they transform the sound of music.

As it stands the L.A music radar just keeps beaming out a buzz and right now tuning in to NoMBe is becoming essential if you want some exposure to his chilly sweet falsetto. NoMBe is making damn sure we gon be friends if he continues to keep putting together bluesy tracks like ‘Kemosabe’. A classically trained pianist turned producer who uses a range of obscure samples as the undertone signature to his unique vocal sound, NoMBe has already produced a number of up and coming artists while finishing his own releases.

Noah McBeth aka NoMBe at 23, is making it his mission to bring his twist to genre-bending music, fusing IDM, Indie and Soul seamlessly into his smooth groove orientated beats and melodies. Originally a native of Heidelberg, Germany, 2 years ago a move to Los Angeles from NYC changed the course for the now multi-faceted composer, singer/songwriter & engineer.

We all get pretty caught up these days in chasing that next big thing, but in NoMBe’s case he’s chasing that next hot thing as his lyrics flawlessly collide between the lustful to the loosely fixated high of love.