Logic: ‘A Fanbase Is The New Hit Single’

I hooked up with Logic earlier this year and we chopped it up about everything – Hip-Hop, Kendrick Lamar, Spiderman, and films.

I’ve always got time for Logic, he’s the kind of MC that understands the ‘art of lyricism’ to the core. The U.K’s shown him a lot of love and I think that’s going to be the case long into the future.

Are you still under pressure?

Nah I’m good, things are good. You know its funny, there was a bit of pressure when releasing the album, a lot actually but more so personally and just things I was going through, it was never really the industry or this or that. Because I think it was hard for them to accept me in Hip-Hop in America, in that little bubble, the cool kids club, but when the album came out they had no choice anymore, which was really awesome ‘yo I’m Logic, I’m here, I’m not going anywhere’. So I think all the pressure was more so personally, now since the albums been out, I feel good, I feel great, the only pressure I feel now is probably to out do myself whenever the next album comes out.

You’ve recorded hundreds of tracks, you’ve got a debut album with 12-14 tracks, so how long’s the next album going to take?

I think I would say maybe this time to mid next year, and that’s only because I could pump out an album if I wanted to but I don’t, I wanna sit and enjoy this, and I wanna create freely and I wanna try different things and experiment and take that time so that when I do give you guys another album that it’s something that my heart was one hundred percent in, excited for and I’m glad I had the time and I could think about exactly how I wanted it to be, and just to make it perfect. I believe it may take that long, but that’s not too crazy, back in the day when Missy and all them were dropping albums, they’d have two years, Busta Rhymes, they’d have a few years, after Nas dropped Illmatic then he dropped It Was Written, it takes time. I think nowadays everybody’s like we need an album, then we need a mixtape, and we need an E.P and then we need a this. And I’m just like screw it I’m just gonna take my time.

The thirst is real for your fans, and the internets, how you gonna stave that off, its almost rabid, it’s like the walking dead the way that people hunger for music at the moment…

Yeah I think my fans in particular they understand quality and they understand good music which is really great, cos when I dropped ‘Welcome to Forever’ which was the mixtape before the album, I believe that was May of 2013 so they waited about a year and a half. I think anything over that can be a little crazy, and a lot of the time they were like ‘when is it coming, when is it coming’ and then when it finally came they were like ‘yo, it was worth the wait’. I think if you create something that’s worth the wait, even like Kendrick recently did, with his, honestly it’s his third album, but if you wanna say on a major, it’s his sophomore album. People will go ‘oh you know what it was great’ and it stood up when it was time to come out. But in the meantime, I’ll give em Lucy’s and I’ll give em collaborations and fun little things to hold them over for sure 100%.

What do you think about Kendrick’s album ‘To Pimp A Butterfly’, I know you’re a fan, but what’s your verdict on that album?

I’ve listened to it a few times and I’ve loved what I’ve heard, I’ve been trying to put into perfect words how to describe how I feel about it and in many ways it is so different that it’s the only album I’ve ever really just been able to enjoy as just a fan, just in general. Cos I always hear albums and I’ll be like ‘Oh the way he did this, that was crazy I gotta out do that, and I gotta flip this, and this was tight, I could do this better and blah blah blah’ and in and inspiration way, I get inspired by these people. I definitely hear his album and I love it but the thing is I don’t hear things and it doesn’t make me wanna go ‘oh man, that was really cool, I wanna do something like that but I wanna do it my way’. It actually makes me realise that what I’m doing behind closed doors, and the music that I’m working on and its so different, its almost like Kendrick came out with an album and went left and  what I’m doing right now its totally right. If anything because it’s so different, it makes me just wanna be more different then I already am, just continuing to do what I’m already doing. But as a fan I thought it was great, I love that whole concept of him reading a poem to Tupac and how every few words is the ingredients to the next song, is the subject matter to the next song, and the poem goes on and at the end how he was essentially interviewing Pac and how the quality of it sounded like they were both there in the room. It was an experience, it was awesome, it was very fun.

A fanbase is the new hit single

I love that Kendrick could put out an album and sell what he did and there was no ‘radio record’. I think that’s great, a fanbase is the new hit single, and I think if you got a fanbase you’re gonna sell records. I think if you’re gonna sell records, you’re gonna sell tickets and those asses are gonna be in those seats saying every word with you and I think that’s all that matters. Artists like myself, like Kendrick, like J-Cole, I think we’re people that, we love the music, we love the fans and we’re taking advantage of being able to express our opinions and our voice in a positive manner for the people. Great time for Hip-Hop.

The best ever yet?

I think its subjective, when I think about the best time in Hip-Hop I think about you know maybe 92 to 99 is probably my favourite time, and the only reason I put 99 in there is cos ‘Black on Both Sides’ by Mos Def came out in ’99. But, I look at the Wu Tang era, Tribe Called Quest, just so many incredible artists that in that first renaissance. But I believe we’re in the 2nd renaissance right now, I love it and to be quite honest I would say it’s my favourite time, because I’m a part of it and there’s still a lot of people that don’t know who I am and a lot of people who do know who I am and thats my favourite part, because I’m still getting discovered everyday because of awesome interviews like this. I think it’s a good time for hip-hop, wouldn’t say, the best is.. who knows you could feel its the best, somebody else might not, you never know.

‘Driving Miss Daisy’ is a dope track, but should Childish Gambino be the next Spiderman?

Fucking right! Yeah black Spiderman, that’d be great and if he doesn’t get it I’d take the job. Spiderman, I’m skinny as shit, it’d work, it’s all good. Yeah I think it’d be awesome, wasn’t there that debate a couple years ago too. Black Spiderman that’d be awesome!

Can Donald pull it off?

Donald can do it, cos he’s a great actor. He’s a funny guy, he can also be very serious and he put out that short film and it was really weird and funny, and he was totally himself and it felt honest when I watched it and to see the kind of serious conversations he was having in that, I feel that that could easily portray over. But he’s an actor, don’t get me wrong he’s a man of many traits, but thats one thing he’s great at and I think he would kill it.

So you’re a big fan of Tarantino films, so it’s only right that we get into this, so what you looking forward to watching the cinema?

Bro! I’ll tell you what I was looking forward to and I finally saw ‘Interstellar’! ‘Interstellar is crazy as shit and I love time and physics and just space, and space travel and exploration obviously. Thats kinda been a theme of mine, especially on this tour, I’ve been coming out in jumpsuits with like Nasa patches all over it and that’s kinda like a hint at foreshadowing something I’ll be doing in the future.

New album?

Umm I don’t know what you’re talking about (says laughing). Actually, I just saw this movie called ‘Birdman’ with Michael Keaton, yo it’s all shot in one shot, that is really awesome. Also Jurassic World, I’m excited to see if they screw that up or not and Star Wars I can’t wait. Now, do you ever get into Star Wars? Some people tell me how you feel about this ok? Some people don’t like the newer Star Wars, I personally love it, even though it might now have some of the same authenticity or that kind of style that the original….

Let me stop you….I’m a Star War’s stan, I like everything that comes out, I watch the cartoons, the Clone Wars, Star Wars Rebels….

Me too, I feel like it actually opens the universe even more, so you can just be a part of it. I actually have a friend of mine, Steven Blum, he’s a voice actor, he’s actually a few characters on Star Wars rebels. But I’m excited for the new one, I can’t wait and I’m just excited about anything Star Wars and I’ve never seen a Star Wars film in theatres, so this’ll be my first one. I was too broke when the newer ones came out.

Would you be a Jedi or join the Sith?

I’d be a Jedi.

I’d join the Sith, I want my own Death Star..

That’s epic, that’s funny man!

Look out for the new album ‘The Incredible True Story’, coming soon!