Logic Is Making Mayhem On Young Jesus

And so begins the first episode of ‘The Incredible True Story’ starring Logic and Big Lenbo causing mayhem through the streets and taking us along for a hyperactive high speed lyrical ride.

Logic directs the video for ‘Big Jesus’ taking us on a trip, back through the 90’s with some classic Hip-Hop hyperactive action as he joins up with his RattPack crew mate, Big Lenbo. The duo go all out on a mischief making espcapade from flipping burgers to a high speed police chase, “Take them back to way back when like Dennis, The Menace, Causing mayhem on the come up like a young apprentice”.

With some quality cinematography from Nick Mahar – check out the video above and some stills below;

Young Jesus - Nick Maher

‘The Incredible True Story’ is coming November 13th – buckle up cos Logic is clearly on a manic mission.