Long Live Kanan

How dope was season 2 of ‘Power’? 50 Cent has developed one of the best storylines for a TV show.

‘Power’ is up there with the classic shows such as ‘The Wire’ or ‘Sopranos’. It’s ‘New Jack City’ for the millennial generation, the attention to detail is meticulous, the characters are believable, and the storyline is unpredictable week on week.

I dont want to spoil the season 2 finale for anyone, but it was intense. As usual you never know how things are going to play out, but relationships get tested, and Kanan just gets grimier with every episode. 50 Cent plays the role of Kanan very well……too well.

50 Cent doesn’t play the role, he is the role.

In a recent interview I asked 50 how close is Kanan (the character that 50 plays) to 50 Cent the artist, and he said that he wasn’t like him, that Kanan was ‘Super Grimey’.

I watch every 50 Cent interview, they’re fascinating because you don’t get the marketing plan, you get whatever he is really thinking. Even though he is an artist, actor, and mogul, 50 Cent gives you that straight up raw street intellect, the real insight. He is naturally audacious, 50 Cent doesn’t play the role, he is the role.

Despite 50 reassuring us that he isn’t like like Kanan, there are some similarities between Kanan, ‘Power of the Dollar’ 50, and ‘Pieces of Weight’ 50. In a recent ‘Hang with…’ episode, I saw glimpses and tones of Kanan.

Watch the whole clip from 2:00, the way he was talking about his previous experiences and relationships, it was slightly reminiscent of some scenes from ‘Power’.

Then watch 28:00 to 31:00 minutes, is that 50 or Kanan?

Catch up with ‘Power’ seasons 1 and 2.
Season 3 drops in 2016.