Look What You Got When The Weeknd Dropped ‘Starboy’ ft Daft Punk

The Weeknd isn’t playing when he calls himself a motherfuckin’ starboy, its straight facts only. Throwing a whole new spin on it The Weeknd finally unveiled his rumoured collaboration with Daft Punk with the premiere of his new single and forthcoming album title, ‘Starboy’.

Available to pre-order from today, the album is expected to arrive on a prime drop date of 25th November aka Black Friday. Abel Tesfaye unveiled not only the title track ‘Starboy’, but a new image, musical style and a whole host of opinions about The Weeknd’s new direction. Deleting his entire Instagram archive of images, the new era began with the new image of the cover shot by Nabil Elderkin. But one thing that’s unlikely to change is the quick fire response to new Weeknd music – having already topped iTunes within hours.

The Weeknd and Daft Punk collaboration itself is a stroke of genius in no uncertain terms, a cinematic sounding smash that spells how to do reinvention while never straying too far from your fans. ‘Starboy’ is sultry with a synth undertone from those French funksters that really confirms that The Weeknd is a bonafide motherfuckin star – boy!


With no other song titles visible except on the album pre-order except for the track ‘False Alarm’, the forthcoming album campaign will undoubtedly be replete with suspense and anticipation, so expect all eyes on The Weeknd and another Canadian chart reign going into the end of the year.

Check out the single now on Spotify or iTunes.