Looking In The Mirror With Kamille

“It’s about being brave and true to yourself.“

“Authors can write stories without people assuming that they are autobiographies, but songwriters and poets are often considered to be the characters in their works.” Thus, for one to be able to write, live and create vicariously through others, yet stand firm and proud in the mirror, transcending all reflections but their own, is the indication of true artistry. Such is the case of singer-songwriter, producer and all-round music mogul, Kamille.

“I love music so much, I’m so obsessed with a lot of artists, I kinda wanna be them…” Kamille laughs, as we begin speaking of her songwriting ability, a trait which has seen her contribute to hit songs from AJ Tracey, Lotto BoyzzHeadie One and Fredo to global pop superstars Dua Lipa and Little Mix. “I just love music and artists. When I get the chance to work with people, I know instinctively what I should do because I know what I would wanna’ hear.  With Headie [Ain’t It Different] for example, I knew what kind of hook he would need, or even with Fredo [Ready or Not ft. Summer Walker], I just wrote it based on what I would wanna hear on a Fredo song.  I get obsessed with people. I learn their whole life story.”

It’s this obsession that has landed Kamille an array of accolades for her song-writing talents, from a Grammy win, chart domination and billions of streams. However, the story didn’t begin here. Whilst the early successes of her music career may have come with apparent ease, the transition certainly differed. Kamille first began working as a stockbroker having completed an Economics degree and as it does, the burden of an unfulfilled soul became all too much. Dissatisfied, she began the move into her calling, music. “It just didn’t give me what I wanted, I was quite down and it got to a point where it was like, you know what, I actually just do not want to do this anymore…So I just walked out of my job. I did it for about 2 years, as well as apprenticeships during my degree. I had banking experience but it just wasn’t for me. It’s funny the way life goes sometimes, you can put all your dedication and hard work into something, but I just felt empty.” 

“It’s about being brave and true to yourself. I really encourage everyone to do something that makes them feel fulfilled as you’ll just get more out of it that way.”

Before long, Kamille found herself mingling amongst different studios, producers and artists, but it was the encouragement and support that kept her going throughout the transition. “To make it in this industry it’s really hard. It wasn’t easy but that gave the determination I needed. If I set myself a task I’ll do it. That’s one thing I love about myself. I knew I wanted to make it and knew I loved it and was good at songwriting. If I was being told when I came into the music industry that I was a bit shit, I probably wouldn’t be still doing it. I like doing things I’m good at. It was the encouragement I got from people around me in the studios and when I found my management, they were so excited for me.” The tipping point for Kamille came with the song ‘What About Us’, that was pitched to then pop-sensations The Saturdays. The song was a smash and reached #1. Her conviction was right and at that point, Kamille knew this is what she wanted to do. 


As with countless other talents across the industry, the barriers to entry for Kamille were of course more deep-seated than they appear on the surface. The industry-provoked self-doubt riddled with the imposter syndrome we’re all too familiar with is not everything all are only ever faced with. The lack of celebrated female producers and songwriters came as a shock and reinforced the engrained mindset Kamille had already held. “I feel like, as a woman, let alone a black woman, you have to be excellent. I know that’s really hard to hear, at times, it’s not fair, but I just believe that to fulfill your dream, despite all the things against you as a woman, you have to excel” she expands on her personal experience. “In a way, it’s kind of made me the person I am. I always wanna be the best at what I do, or try to be the best. It’s made me always wanna learn more, that’s why I learnt how to produce music, It’s made me just want more of myself. There are so many black females out there who feel like they just won’t have a chance. It’s so sad. So I like being able to show what I can do and hopefully that can inspire other people as well.” 

“I try not to use that as a hindrance. I use it as something to drive me even further in what I do.”

As Kamille’s career begins to shift gears, so does the balancing act she performs between singing and songwriting. 2021 has not only carried over successes from her previous years work but has also laid out a path for her artist project. “This year, I just said to myself, I’m gonna write for everyone, but I just wanna do what I wanna do. And I want to put out music consistently. The balance can affect how consistent you are putting music out for yourself. We’ve only got so many hours in the day, but I think now, I’m getting it to a point where I’ve got so many amazing songs that are ready to come out. We’re shooting videos, it’s just happening now which is really exciting. The support and team I have is amazing and it means I can also focus on writing for other people.”

Following the beginning of her 2021 artist breakthrough with AYO! featuring the harmonising S1mba, Kamille has launched her brand new track, Mirror Mirror. “It’s everything I love. It’s about self empowerment, self-love and just a reminder that you are the baddest. You know that feeling when you look in the mirror and you feel so shit about yourself, like why are we still doing that? I want everyone to just feel good. Looking in the mirror and reminding yourself you’re the baddest bitch you’ve ever seen. The video is so exciting, I’m in a fairy tale and an amazing remix coming up as well which is really really cool.”

From the consistently in-demand songwriting, to the founding of her own label and opening of her new studio, Kamille’s motivation is unparalleled. Her new venture with the notorious Fred Again empowering young black producers is just one of the many projects at her fingertips. The vision remains as clear as that reflection in the mirror. More songwriting, more artists and more amazing music.

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