Lotto Boyzz Define Their Sound In Debut ‘Afrobbean’ EP

The much anticipated Lotto Boyyz Debut EP, ‘Afrobbean (The Genre Definition)’ has finally arrived. The self-coined genre 6-track EP by Lucas and Ash sees 3 brand new unheard tracks, accompanied by a jubilant, party-vibe and extremely justified video for ‘FaceTime Me’, given the momentous year these two Birmingham boys have had.

The EP, executively produced by Lotto Boyzz long-time collaborator Amos, bears the mass of one of the heavyweight singles of the year, ‘No Don’, as well as the remix, featuring Chip and Not3s. However, the accompanying tracks, ‘Afrobbean (Bumper)’, ‘FaceTime Me’ and ‘Unfinished Business’, hold their own on the project which also features ‘Birmingham (Anthem)’ featuring JayKae.

The blend of Afrobeats and Carribbean Dancehall present amongst these tracks reinforces an endemic sound that the duo have stayed consistent with throughout their rise over the past year, and most likely before. It’s with this sound, harmonized vocals and gospel-influenced instrumentation through which the boys have been able to carve their name onto the UK’s wall of fame, next to other huge stars of a scene that right now, is seemingly dominated by these melodies, tones and instruments, from J Hus to Kojo Funds and many more.

Whilst their position in the scene is becoming increasingly solidified, sonically, the project lyrically, contains the loving, female-focused content delivered through soulful-auto-tuned melodic vocals that hook you, alongside a nonchalant slick Lucas verse, in particular on FaceTime Me. ‘Unfinished Business’ slows down the vibe as the penultimate track on the EP, with Ash’s gospel-spirited efforts, before the Ep is wrapped with the notorious ‘No Don Remix’.

Lotto Boyzz do have some unfinished business however, now that their debut EP has been released, the duo head out on a 7-date UK tour, The Afrobbean Solidified Tour, in later November / early December.

Listen to the EP here and read our Interview with Lotto Boyzz here.