Lotto Boyzz Drop Visuals For ‘No Don’ Remix Ft. Chip & Not3s

Lotto Boyzz release new visual for ‘No Don’ remix featuring Chip and Not3s and announce details of upcoming ‘Afrobbean’ album.

Seven years in and Lotto Boyzz are beginning to gain the recognition for their hard work and talent, both ‘Hitlist’ and ‘Bad Gyal sent Lotto Boyzz into the popular consciousness of many but it’s the summer hit ‘No Don’ that has solidified their presence as artists here for the long haul.

Speaking to Sunjay Kohli Lotto Boyzz described the excitement that continues to ripple right throughout UK music at present, their collaboration with Chip and Not3s on the ‘No Don’ remix is the perfect example “I love London, the UK, so I’m looking at the UK. It’s not a thing like, London is doing so well, lets focus on Brum for a minute now, its more of a collective thing like, ‘hey look, London, I’m from Birmingham, but we’re trying to get UK music as a whole popping’”.

Stay tuned for the release of the upcoming ‘Afrobbean’ album, due for pre order from Friday 8th September