Louis III Turns Up The Heat With First Release ‘Fever Thoughts’

Have you ever had some of those… you know… ‘Fever Thoughts’? Well if you have no idea what we’re on about, just listen to Louis III put his thoughts into song, and you’ll know exactly what those are.

Consuming and inescapable; ‘Fever Thoughts’ nails the up-all-night restlessness that makes it impossible to get out of your own head. Unveiled as his debut single, Louis III introduces himself to the world over some swirling bass and harmonies, bringing a lightness of touch to this lesson in cadence and delivery.

Croydon based, the 23 year old half St Lucian / half German singer-songwriter began his schooling in music soaking in his parents collection of sounds. Gifted with a comprehensive knowledge of storytelling through legends like Bob Marley, Leonard Cohen, BB King and AC/DC, the future now waits for stories from Louis himself.

‘Fever Thoughts’ tells a story of infatuation, and its inception as Louis explains,“came out of a session where my insomnia had kept me up the night before. I wanted the track to feel like what my head felt like at 5am.”