Louis Mattrs Sings Of His Weakness In ‘Bow Down’

Louis Mattrs first caught my attention with his tongue in cheek single ‘Superman’, fast forward nearly 12 months and the release of his five-track EP ‘Slow Waves’ later, he returns, with a shiny new single titled ‘Bow Down’.

Embodying all the qualities needed to make an R&B star: songwriting, dope vocals, slightly ambiguous Louis Mattrs is getting on to something special. His new single ‘Bow Down’ sits on the cusp between sultry, hazy R&B leaning towards pop. But that’s not to take away from ‘Bow Down’ as a single, it’s catchy, atmospheric and most importantly it’s cute. ‘Bow Down’ shows that his girl is his weakness, his kryptonite, but that’s okay because she makes it all right. The visuals see Louis hit the beach with his bae, complete with self-shot style footage and scenic sunset visuals, trust me it’s all very nice.

While Louis is gearing up for his debut album, wrap  your ears – and eyes – around ‘Bow Down’ above or below. And if you’re really in the mood, check out Louis Mattrs’ 2015 EP ‘Slow Waves’.