Love Can Get Scary For James Fauntleroy

No smoke screens, as James Fauntleroy took the frontline yet again and dropped a new record ‘Love Can Get Scary’ on SoundCloud. Forget Halloween, it’s passed but there’s nothing scary about listening to Fauntleroy again and again.

The Inglewood, Cali hitmaker’s penned hits for Rihanna, Justin Timberlake, Common, featured as a vocalist on albums from Kanye West, Jay-Z, Drake, J Cole, Big Sean, and is lead singer of the supergroup Cocaine 80s alongside NoID, Common and Jhene Aiko. Put those superstar credentials aside, and there’s still nothing better than Fauntleroy ridin solo – this August he surprised devotees with 15 new tracks on his SoundCloud and ‘Love Can Be Scary’ is the first new track we’ve heard from him since.

Three more tracks penned by Fauntleroy are rumoured to be appearing on Rihanna’s forthcoming ‘Anti’, in the meantime don’t get too freaked out, if you’ve had that scary feeling of falling in love – it’s only natural.