Lupe Fiasco’s Tweets Are Cool For Thought

‘Words is what keeps civilization, our world alive’ and Lupe Fiasco is hinting he’s got a lot more of those words coming very soon and they’ll be on his sequel to the critically acclaimed 2007 album ‘The Cool’.

After a hiatus from Twitter, Lupe has been back on there a few months and according to a recent tweet, which is Hip-Hop code for ‘news’ these days, Lupe Fiasco has  in the works and it’s coming soon

‘The Cool’ represented a major turning point for Lupe as his sophomore album which also landed him with 4 Grammy nominations and in the U.K debuted at number seven in the album charts, with ‘Superstar’ also reaching the top 5 on the singles chart.

Lupe Fiasco’s put in crazy time in the game, and he’s already had a crazy churn rate this year, dropping the album ‘Tetsuo & Youth’ and following up with the mixtape ‘Pharaoh Height only a month ago. The Chicago rapper doesn’t seem to have any plans to take a back seat and since the recent public fallout with Complex Magazine – it looks like he’s got a lot to say to the commentators and critics of Hip-Hop in general.

For the time being, Lupe’s not answering any more questions about the album, especially since the internet went into full-blown speculation mode after his tweet – for now he’s got his head down working on the next episode – so go listen to ‘Pharaoh Height’ and absorb the message while we wait in the wings.