Mahalia Feels ‘No Pressure’ On A Brand New Track

Mahalia has continued to build an adoring fan base since the release of her debut EP ‘Never Change’ and now she’s back with a brand new track ‘No Pressure’.

Hiding in plain sight, Mahalia has worked with a slew of major names, building her live show performances and honing her presence touring with Emeli Sande, Ed Sheeran and Kendrick Lamar.

‘Can’t go wrong with the right team’

Mahalia’s is a story about unhurried development, choosing time and again to refine her genre blending acoustic Soul aesthetic and working with some major names in production, from Steve Fitzmaurice and Rich Wilkinson to  Nineteen85 and Supa Dups. Her Colors Berlin show stands at 1.7 million plays in little over a month and now we finally got what we were waiting for.

Mahalia isn’t holding back and put’s ‘No Pressure’ on delivering a lilting R’n’B flow that puts the love of her roots and Midlands accent centre stage immersed in swirling harmonies. Mahalia once again favours a measured approach on the path to success.

You can catch Mahalia live supporting Jorja Smith, or grab tickets to any of Mahalia’s UK headline shows on sale now – go get em.