Mahalia Rises To Be An Emissary For British Talent With ’Surprise ME’

Mahalia’s making moves. There’s no doubt about it.

But for those feeling as though she snuck up on them, let me be the first to tell you: she most definitely hasn’t tip-toed her way here. The young Leicester native has been putting in work, making noise, and ‘Surprise Me,’ the bristling single off of her latest ‘Seasons’ project, is the latest in a barrage of bangers that have hauled her further and further into the limelight; ingrained her deeper in our collective consciousness.

Directed in New York by the talented Andre Muir, the sparkling visual and accompanying song detail an intimate tale of a long-distance relationship gone wrong. From cozy cuddles and public playtime to distracted interactions and notable absences, we see a slow descent elegantly mapped out – the tumultuous ride before the candle’s blown out, as well as the subsequent heartache.

While things mightn’t have panned out as perhaps planned, Mahalia doesn’t appear to have slowed in the slightest. In fact, things are on the up and up, in a fantastic way. In her own words, Mahalia says: “This project is super special to me. I wanted to make something that felt relevant to where I’m at in my life right now. I feel like no relationship is ever simple. It has its ups and downs. As a couple, you move through the seasons of your relationship together – each season having a different purpose. Starting with the first night. Into the honeymoon phase. Pushing through to a point when there’s a change that challenges you both. Maybe the other does something that surprises you. And then the final moments… When all you need is to know the other won’t give up. Validation. Clarity. I hope you love it as much as I do.”

Already touring internationally, the lovely Leicester starlet is becoming an emissary for British talent, taking UK R&B worldwide whilst showing the world we’ve much more to offer than simply tea, biscuits and grime. We’re a force to contend with, in all facets and this young midlander is killing it; her success well earned.

For all those in doubt, please, don’t let me dictate the narrative. Make up your own mind and check out the video below.