‘Make It Out’ And Live The Dream With Fekky

Fekky has come into his own and it shows. From his fierce set at Reading Festival to announcing his debut headline show at London’s XoYo, Fekky is confident about the path he’s on.

‘Make It Out’ is dedicated to his brothers, the ones who rolled with him and didn’t get to share the path he’s on today. Dropping the video for ‘Make It Out’ he’s all about the grind, making it out and reaching for something bigger and better. Earlier on he used the opportunity to speak from the heart when he posted a message on Instagram about what the record means to him.

Performing at the Royal Albert Hall this week and thinking on all the crazy adventures this journey has taken me on, all the mad times with my brothers (the stories I could tell u) has inspired me to drop this record tonight. Coming from where I’ve come from and the journey in life I’ve been on, not many get to step onto a stage like that. The odds are stacked against us. All the brothers we’ve lost to the game or prison, I’ve had to fight many demons to stay on track. Hate, rumours and all sorts of shit. But those who know me know I’m REALLY from the streets, so I don’t expect fake niccas to understand coz they ain’t cut from that cloth. When u see so much bad and negative in ur life, if u are offered a positive opportunity u grab that with both hands. People think I’ve made it, but I’m far from where I wanna be – I thank God and everyone that’s supported me to get me where I am today! With a positive mentality and hard work ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE! In my day half the fake shit we allow these days would never be tolerated, I blame social media With that said, I just wanna see my brothers MAKE IT OUT.

Catch Fekky take to the stage for his debut headline gig – be sure he’ll be pulling out all the stops to make this a date to remember.