Manga Patterns Up With JME and Prez T

If you know Grime, then you know about Roll Deep. Although the collective is no longer making music as a whole, MCs from the group have made their own waves. Manga Saint Hilare has been putting out his own take on Grime music for a while now.

Producing some of the best sonically sounding projects with the help of producer Lewi B, they have collaborated once more to create the new single, ‘Different Pattern’.

Coming off their collaborative album ‘White Jean Suit Confidence, they’ve linked up with North London’s Grime monarchs JME & Prez T to create a song that demonstrates 3 different styles of spraying on a track. The production from Lewi B provides a spacey soundtrack for all to lay down their signature rhyming skills.

“Work rate goes up and it won’t come down / I’m saying my time is now, my time is now” – Manga Saint Hilare

The music that Manga Saint Hilare makes shows that Grime is not a one dimensional genre. The instrumentation displayed and the melodic chorus which links the hard verses will prove that there are many different patterns in the underground scene.

‘Different Pattern’ is the first single taken from the forthcoming project ‘OUTBURSTS FROM THE OUTSKIRTS’.