Introducing: Marques Martin Runs In Pursuit of ‘Hailey’

It’s like that classic summer story when you have that one chance encounter with a girl who leaves you wondering why the hell you didn’t get her damn number! Yeah we’re talking to you Marques Martin – what were you thinking?

There’s no doubting Marques Martin when he says he’s being sincere about his infatuation with this girl called ‘Hailey’. Damn he’s even gone done a track about her – and it’s got us all kinds of curious about the one he’s been looking for – someone help him find her!

Marques originates from Prince George’s county Maryland, and currently lives in Brooklyn, New York. Considering himself a ‘mannequin of a genius’ who produces, rap’s and sings, he may have no money but he’s invested all he’s got into his music and his mission.

“Hailey is a true story of a girl I knew for a week during a vacation a couple summers ago. Most people ask, “what does Hailey think of the song?” but I don’t even have her number and I don’t know where she is, in fact I don’t even know what her last name is. This song is like a short film, or at least could be made into one. I wanted the instrumental to place you right by my side on Half Moon Cay, and my lyrics to paint a picture of my instant infatuation for Hailey. “Hailey” is a love story about a girl who only existed for a week.”

Listen to Marques Martin on a mission to find ‘Hailey’, and tell us you don’t agree he’s so damn sincere.