Marvelous Makes A Million Dollar Dreamer

Who can relate to the aspirations of one dreamer when everyone’s dreaming of making a million dollars? Millionaires may mean nothing in a world of billionaires but making something from nothing is still the ultimate dream. In Hip-Hop it’s the only dream where the odds are stacked in favour of a “black boy in the ghetto.

The hustle has never been harder then it is today and for a Chicago rapper like Marvelous, it’s too early to say if he’s just another dreamer, or if there’s a chance he can beat the odds and get on that road to glory and gold. But there’s no time to over think the game, just getting in the game brings you one step closer to turning that dream into a reality.

That reality has started for Marvelous with the release of his first visual ‘Million Dollar Dreamer’, setting up the moment to drop his debut EP ‘In Due Time’ until that time comes, check the visual for ‘Million Dollar Dreamer’ above.