Masego Isn’t A ‘Fit The Mould’ Kinda Guy

“I’m looking to do what makes sense. I’ve been approached by every label at this point, so if they let me remain my creative, hands-on self, I’m with it!”

Since teaching himself how to play the saxophone at the age of 14-years-old, Masego has released two mind-blowing EP’s, toured New York City and has had constant labels knocking his door to sign on the dotted line…

I just wanna have intimate shows and drink juice afterwards

After releasing the TrapHouseJazz EP last January, the 22-year-old Virginia native went straight back to work with The Pink Polo EP, which he released just 4-months later, racking up over one-hundred-thousand plays on his SoundCloud page.

The somewhat bipolar Pink Polo EP is a journey in itself. Full of random twists and turns from a calm and relaxing saxophone to drums, keys and even Masego’s vocals that completely knock you off from the calm stroll you were on with the saxophone playing gently in your ear.

Pink Polo is a metaphor”. Masego tells me. “Old Kanye was the ‘I’m trying to be innovative, but ya’ll are scared because I don’t fit the mould’ kind of guy. As am I. TrapHouseJazz doesn’t fit the mould and I don’t care. Like ‘Back when they thought pink Polos would hurt the Roc.’”

Masego isn’t stopping here, though. After regular nights at New York’s SOB’s club, he plans to tour heavily, re-fresh the pop-up show concept and sign that deal, if and when the right label approaches that enables him to make the music he is most passionate about.