Maxsta Speaks On Wiley/Dizzee With Joint ‘King Dizzee’

This weekend saw one of oldest beefs in Grime reignited with veterans Dizzee Rascal and Wiley going back and forth on Twitter.

While the two have recently traded blows regarding Dizzee’s bars on ‘The Other Side’ from his latest album Raskit, it seemed that Wiley’s main point on contention this time round was Diz claiming “I’m not the Godfather I’m GOD” of Grime. He took to social media to voice his opinion and said that he had no right to do so. Things went up another level later on in the day with Rascal calling Wiley a “nonce” and saying he would kill him (a tweet he later deleted). This of course led to a response from Wiley and the two shared a heated exchange.

While many fans and people within the scene called for an end to the war, fellow East Londoner Maxsta released an early cut from his new project entitled ‘King Dizzee’. Despite what the title might suggest, Maxsta begins the track by insisting that he isn’t trying to “disrespect anyone” on the new record. Instead he tackles the Mitch 7 produced instrumental looking at the circumstances which many of us have discussed about Dizzee and Wiley’s long-lasting feud. It’s clear the track comes from a place of respect towards the two men he declares the “Kings Of Grime”, even though he makes it clear that the track “is not a tribute”.

Instead, the track allows Maxsta to ask questions to Dizzee such as “why did you duck out on Wiley and Roll Deep, what did they do?” and “why are you so anti to the G-R-I-M-E?” – all delivered with a passion that actually reflects his desire to know and in his own words, understand. Both artists have clearly had an influence on his career and this track could not come at a better time. While its unclear where the future lies for both Diz and Wiley, it shouldn’t take away from the impact they’ve had on the scene and the artists within it.