Meeky Mill Gaming It To Commas Over Waiting

Alot of smart money’s been going to the gaming industry contributing to the unicorn tech valuations that have the stock markets all up in jitters right now, but now you’ve got a chance to collect some coinage all at the expense of Meek Mill by putting his beef into this game.

Innovation, technology and creativity beyond gifs and memes sorely overlooks all the juice that Hip-Hop can throw into the tech game, but there’s a group of gaming developers who’ve tapped into hip-hop and got us tapping away at the screen with their new game Meeky Mill.

Time to take those Twitter fingers back to trigger fingers and do your bit to help Meek make $1,000,000 before getting hit by L bombs and L missiles from Drake & 50 Cent.

Meeky Mill is developed by Otaku Gang, the underground culture collective created by artist/producer duo Richie Branson & Solar Slim along with graphic artist Plush Giant. Making mashups and developing video games, these guys are all up in the music biz from producing for Def Jam to producing music for major video game releases like Marvel Heroes.

The Otaku Gang mash up their own soundtrack for the game ‘Commas Over Waiting’, blending verses from Futures ‘Commas’ Drake’s ‘Over’ verse mixed with 50’s ‘Patiently Waiting Verse’. You can check out the preview above and go download it now at