Meet Dave

Rakim, Nas, Dizzee Rascal, Kendrick Lemar and a few other MCs have been on the planet before.

Lyrically they were ahead of their time, their souls were way more mature than their physical age when they first came through. These MCs could narrate and visualise with graphic detail and expertise like they had been walking the planet and writing lyrics for decades.

Straight out of the streets of Streatham, South London Dave has that similar deja vu vibe about him. He started rapping at the age of 10, but he confesses that he fell off for a year when he reached 11.

At 17 years old he is bigger than the ‘is he Grime or UK Rap?’ debate. Lyrically raised on Devlin and Youngs Teflon, Dave has evolved into a different kind of  monster. A razor-sharp, conscious lyricist that visualises his life experiences into parables and instructions for a better life.

He delivers the codes with precise clarity, unashamedly battles the futility of hope and reps for those that ‘weren’t rated’.

“Started thinking way beyond my age when I hit 17, I had the smile of child, but a mind like I’m 23…..I mean 35”

Yeah it’s early, he’s got to earn his stripes and cut his teeth in the game, but Dave’s rap immortality is evident in his flow, codes and metaphors.

There are more rappers than ever before, but few say anything. Only a few use their voice in a way that inspires and empowers. A lot of bandwidth and data charges are getting wasted.

Dave is believable, he has a gift of lyrical wizardry that sprays common sense and consciousness. He is the future and it feels like he’s got an important role to play that may end up being bigger than music.

Glad we kicked of 2016 with these immortal bars.