Milly Manson The Wolf From Around Toronto Way

New and emerging artists from Toronto are truly the ones who can speak more candidly about what it actually feels like to be on the ground and carry the pressure to follow in the giant footsteps of the current titan of Hip-Hop, Drake.

So while many eyes are squarely focused on what the city will bring next, the rappers on the ground don’t seem to be fazed at all, they’re just focusing on keeping their heads down and doing what they feel. Coming out of the rising ranks of the new Toronto era is Milly Manson a Brampton native who’s carving out his lane and setting his sights big – and why not after all if Drakes proved anything – it’s that anything is possible now!

Milly’s straight up in his lyrics “I’m dope like Coke I fill it right up with the potion. I want it all so I won’t settle for a portion” and straight up confident about himself  telling us this – “I feel like there’s a lot of other artists in Toronto that are doing their thing right now, don’t get me wrong they’re all dope, but lyrically I don’t think anyone is matching up to me. As for pressure, I dont feel any, I feel like I’m the one who applying it.”

Coming up through the scene, Milly knows it’s all about building that buzz – “I first discovered my passion for music when 50 Cent’s ‘Power of the Dollar’ mixtape dropped when I was a child, I remember writing my first Rap song when I was about 7 and I performed it at a neighborhood bbq, however I didn’t start taking it serious until about 3 years ago. I feel like talent speaks for itself, if you have good product and a good marketing plan you will get noticed. You just gotta keep shoving good product in peoples face, and eventually they’ll have no choice but to keep their eyes on you. You never notice a fly in the room until it buzzes by your ear.”

Eestbound has already nailed production credits on ‘Antidote’, one of the biggest records of the moment from Travi$ Scott so it’s only natural we also caught up with the man behind Manson’s music and get a little background about how the rapper and producer made it happen in Toronto: “Me and Milly met at his house/studio a couple of months ago when I was working with another artists that knew Milly. Milly was very laid back and didn’t really try to show me any of his stuff. Randomly when I was at his house we were just hanging out and Milly played me a song and it was very dope (alone – Milly Manson (prod by karma). I didn’t know it was Milly and when I found out I knew I had to do something with that voice that he has. He asked me about beats about 2 weeks later and we started working, he lives about 1 minute away from my house so he’d bring his mic to my house early in the morning around 8-9 AM (so we’re not disturbing my parents because they’d left at that time) and we’d just work on a beat and at the same time record so the beat matches the lyrics perfectly.”

This is Milly’s second collaboration with producer Eestbound and they’re working together because well it just works, and as Eestbound explains its all in the work ethic – “Me and Milly are not working on an EP or any sort of project. We’re working on singles and more singles and we want to create a solid fanbase before we release any project. Me and Milly have one single in the back waiting for the right moment to be released. But that song is nothing like you’ve heard from Milly, Milly is capable of so much more.”

Don’t get caught up on where he’s from, just listen and get ‘Caught Up’ on where he’s at – “Pray you don’t become the prey I’m just the wolf from around the way.