Mina Rose Makes Fresh Debut With ‘Lemons And Limes’

Mina Rose makes her musical debut with brand new track ‘Lemons and Limes’.

A student of Visual Arts and Design, multi layered singer songwriter Mina Rose, channels a life of varied perspectives on her new single. A typically British mix of eclectic strands, Mina Rose draws inspiration for her music from the cultures and perspectives she has been exposed to since childhood. From the occasional House music productions of her father and uncle; to the Ska band influences of her step dad and even the Roma ancestry found in her mother’s lineage – Mina Rose swirls her mixed heritage and channels the result into an aesthetic that is part Dub, part Hip Hop and part contemporary Pop.

‘Lemons and Limes’ is a commentary on the disenfranchisement felt by much of today’s millennial youth, “Lemons and Limes is about feeling that we are moving away from the inclusion that Smiley Culture was talking about in tracks like ‘Cockney Translation,” Mina says now. “I feel that there are forgotten people and creations that have come from the heart of London that people are now unaware of which can remind us of the beauty of a multicultural society.

Also the owner of an online vintage shop – Girl Down Brockley – Mina Rose holds dear the off key elements that give variety to life, “we have everything we need on our doorstep. The focus at the moment is too much on celeb culture and what we don’t have, which leaves us ignoring the wealth and beauty of what is in front of us and around us.