Miraa May Collaborates With Salaam Remi for ‘N15’

In this microwave age of music consumption, absence rarely makes the heart grow fonder. Artists that haven’t released a song in months often get put on the shelf to make way for the next act fighting for our attention. Gone are the days when you would wait years between albums.

For the last 2 years, an EP named ‘The Beginning‘ has remained in the disc changer in my car. Frequently, it’s provided the soundtrack for my drive through the empty streets of London in the early hours after shows. The North London singer-songwriter Miraa May has had my attention from the first time I heard her sing live. Her voice pierced through the silence and made an impression on me that hasn’t gone away.

Since then, after a few performances and glimpses into her creative process with songs like ‘Voicemail’ & ‘LoveMeIn’, she has returned with a new EP named N15.

The first thing I noticed is the imprint Louder Than Life. I’m of the generation that still checks for producers and labels that used to be on the sleeve notes. After a quick Google, I found that this is the label of none other than Salaam Remi. The Grammy-nominated producer that has been known to work with singers in London and to create a sound that translates to a multitude of audiences. Working on critically acclaimed albums from Ms Dynamite and the late Amy Winehouse, it’s great to see that he’s recognised the talent in Miraa and decided to collaborate.

Walking through Totty my headphones on loud / Feet on the ground but my head’s in the clouds – N15

The 6-track EP shows the Tottenham songstress adjusting her style to the different musical productions from Salaam and James Poysner. From the Reggae infused ‘Travel Thoughts’ to the exotic sounds of ‘I Don’t Want Ya (Didi)’, Miraa May demonstrates her vocal ability and flows between the tracks like water down a babbling brook. Keeping true to her personality heard in her previous songs, the message of love is the common thread throughout ‘N15’. The heavy drums of ‘Benji’ kicks off the EP with a strong presence that continues as you go through the tracks.

When an artist releases an EP, it’s normally to show the current creative space that they’re in. ‘N15’ is a collection of songs created as a result of a significant collaboration between Miraa and Salaam that from what I can hear, is evidently a partnership that’s making musical waves across the pond from the US to the UK.

You can listen to N15 on Soundcloud, Spotify & Apple Music