MNEK Shares New ‘Paradise’ Visual

Grammy nominated singer, songwriter and producer MNEK shares new dystopian visual for new track ‘Paradise’.

A commentary on societal ills, ‘Paradise’ comes as an escape from the intensity of modern life, boasting a sample from Ultra Nate’s seminal 1997 hit ‘Free‘. Directed by Ciaran Lyons, the ‘Paradise’ visual aims to resonate from the jump, “What grabbed me was the underlying idea of the different responses elicited by the chaos of the modern world – the desire to escape from the real world into a fantasy paradise vs the possibility of standing strong and separate from all the madness and cruelty, in the hope of preserving something better. We have this beautiful human walking through a fantasy landscape made from symbols of growth and decay, never stopping, never getting involved, but coming out the other end still intact, and still beautiful.”

Iconic sample and skittish beat come together as MNEK shows off his range on a track that is part catharsis, part escape “Around the time I wrote ‘Paradise’, so much dance music was coming out and doing well with literally any 90s R&B song as the main topline, of the whole song. It really bothered me!” he explains. “So, I decided to sample a dance song for an R&B track. I’ve always loved ‘Free’ by Ultra Nate, so it was such an honour to have the blessing of the writers of the song to sample it for ‘Paradise’.”