Moncler Collaborations are Evolving The Roadman Jacket

“Winter is coming”, if you didn’t know already. It’s curtains on the short-lived UK summer, and time to draw for the unfailing puffer jackets. Better known as the “roadman jacket”… that four seasons jacket come rain, shine, wind or hail, made especially for London weather. For all occasions.

Despite the word on road, don’t ever think this style of jacket is played out. And don’t let anyone downplay it’s flair. There’s more luxury and style to it than we think. Moncler have released two eclectic collaborations with British designer Craig Green and nephew of Mr. Ralph himself, Greg Lauren. With both on two different sides of the spectrum, its fair to say Moncler are adding dimensions to a jacket we just can’t give up in the UK.

Young British designer Craig Green is best known as BFA 2016 British Menswear winner, and the mastermind who laced up Rihanna’s anti tour. His designs bring over-sized proportions and excessive straps, in a workwear fashion. And this speaks well into the collaboration. Moncler’s classic patent black finish is teamed with Craig’s addition of avant garde harnesses and straps.

Greg Lauren always brings an edgy, raw cut style to his designs. The collaboration “Collide” speaks for itself: Lauren fuses his unconventional patchwork and distressed stitching. He splits the Moncler jacket in half: one half being the signature Moncler we know, the other half Greg’s safari tone canvas or denim-distressed style.

It’s time we reclaim the puffer this September. Comedian Michael Dappah let it be known that the roadman jacket never fails. And don’t let the faux sunshine fool you. Trust me, when we draw for the puffer jacket, just know that “man’s not hot”.

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