Monro & Flohio Don’t Hold Back With ‘Gone Clear’

Back in September 2017, UK producer Monro released his debut EP ‘Motion‘ on Rinse. With a mix of shiny synth heavy arrangements and slinky vocals, ‘Motion’ had a distinctly future facing feel that happily stands up to repeat plays.

Now back for 2018 armed with a brand new single ‘Gone Clear’, this time Monro calls on Bermondsey’s own Flohio on a collaboration that is a first for both musicians and one that reveals an instant chemistry. “It’s very easy and it’s always a vibe,” Monro says of their collaboration “we have great chemistry in the studio. She has incredible concepts and ideas and is very open to how we can shape them into a record.”

‘Gone Clear’ is the meeting of two minds that might just sneak up on everyone and snatch this whole game.