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MoStack Remixes ‘Liar Liar’ With Krept, Konan and J Hus

MoStack has returned with the promised remix of his infectious banger. Cameo appearances in the original video from Krept, Konan and J Hus, have been flipped to featured verses on the new cut of ‘Liar Liar’.

Watch the remix video above, read our full exclusive cover story ‘The Mystery of MoStack’ here, and check out a featured excerpt below;

Part of MoStack’s appeal is his relatability and genuine portrayal of character through his music, he believes that he has something different to offer listeners, “I’m just a weirdo! I think I’m different to these other guys”.

Coming from a tough environment has moulded his approach to music, his banter ranges into difficult topics such as police brutality and gang violence. But as he puts his words over afrobeat infused instrumentals, he brings a party vibe to his music. This is a hard line to balance but MoStack does so with ease, balancing hard to approach subjects with genuine feel good music.

On his latest track ‘Liar Liar’, MoStack touched on personal struggles and his contemplation of suicide; “With ‘Liar Liar’, I say ‘I only spit the truth man I can’t lie, last night, I thought of making it my last night. Blow my head off, but fuck that, I’m alive and feel better’. So I’m rapping about some real shit but people don’t notice the pain behind it. I just want people to take it in.”