‘Move Together’ With Somewhere Else & Majid Jordan

They’ve already done it to us on DVSN and who knows if this mystery method is really transitioning to true breakout success but frankly we’re all good with it as long as it keeps bringing us all that good good music from OVO.

Word is the latest signee’s to the OVO Sound camp are an outfit called Somewhere Else whose debut single ‘Move Together’ featuring Majid Jordan premiered on the OVO Sound radio show over the weekend. Our guesses are since guest vocals on this come courtesy of label mates Majid Jordan we may be looking at a producer type situation with some connection to Toronto’s Illangelo since that’s the only follow on socials.

So while we all continue to bask in peak Drake taking it from the bottom top of all the charts, looks like the steady grind is exactly where OVO are still gunning to go with the OVO Sound label, taking it up a notch over the ‘Summer Sixteen’ tour schedule.