Interview With Ms Banks “If you want to war it out, we can”

At 21 she has a flow that is authoritative and veracious. Lyrically she is powerful and abrasive, her words cut through because of the clarity of her delivery. I pity anyone who is on the receiving end of her shots.

Straight out of Walworth Rd, Camberwell, Ms Banks is rapidly heating up the streets. She passed through my 1xtra show last night to talk about her new banger ‘Hallelujah’, forth-coming projects, and the Drake vs Meek situation.

How did you get in to the Rap game?

I was rapping from when I was 12, my uncle used to spit over Drum and Bass beats and I just took it from there. Before I knew it I was 18 and my girls took me to the studio, and its been a wrap from then.

I just say what I want to say

You’re a woman…..obviously, a very pretty woman, very graceful, but where does the venomous flow come from?

I’ve got a lot in me, music is my therapy. I think its a South London thing, I grew up in South, I’ve seen a lot, I’ve been through a lot and it just gives me ammo and inspiration to talk about what I talk about. Day to day you go through things and you want to act a certain way or do certain things, but thats when I just let it all out through my music, its expressive. I just say what I want to say.

Who inspires you lyrically?

Lauryn Hill, Lil Kim,  I lovvvve Nicki Minaj. I don’t know about her lyrically, but just her as a person I love her. Ms Dynamite, Wretch 32, Dizzee Rascal, Kano, loads of people. The list can go on for days.

You killed the ‘Hallelujah’ joint, the ‘Two Girls one cup’ line…that was deep lol.

Its true, things can get real nasty sometimes.  You’ve got to be careful.

…and you say ‘any brothers can get it’.

Anyone can get it, male, female, its true. I just don’t care. (laughs)

I felt the sincerity of what you were saying. You mean it…

I do, I love it, its true. Everyday, day to day I’m calm, but it gets hard sometimes because you know when you’re just trying to work on you and focus on things, sometimes you get into confrontations and situations where you need to let people know. I’m down, if you want to have a problem, if you want to war it out, we can war it out I don’t mind….but more time I like to keep it ladylike if I can.

What’s your take on Meek Mill vs Drake?

I love Meek Mill…… I don’t feel it was his place to expose him [Drake].  But you know Rappers get in their feelings sometimes, and just feel like ‘aww, people are putting certain people above me so I’ve got to say my piece’. If you’re going to bring the facts, you’ve also got to have the bars.
Drake has got the bars. If he goes hard, we’re gonna overlook the fact of this writer that they’re talking about. I don’t think Meek should have said what he said because he wasn’t ready to take on the whole war after, he didn’t come hard after that. You’ve got to be prepared.

Do you think its damaged him long term?

If he brings out a good track he could revive himself, but right now its looking very damaged for him. Sorry Meek I love you, I covered ‘Monster’ and made it mine, but still…. he needs to get back on his job, go write some fire.

Drake can do no wrong right?

He can’t, but Meek you have Nicki Minaj, why you watching Drake? be happy. Just be happy. You’ve got the baddest girl in the game right now.

Is it a girl thing?

It could be.

Is it Nicki talking about Drake too much?

Maybe, but Meek’s silly cos’ Drake said on ‘Only’ he would be ‘the first in line to hit it’, but he didn’t. It was Meek, so Meek should just be happy about that, he didn’t even say that in his bars, he didn’t say nothing. So even if Nicki’s talking about him [Drake], you’ve got the girl, get over it.
I feel sorry for Nicki right now, she can’t even listen to the hottest track right now [Back 2 Back]. Its a problem [laughs].

Listen to the full Ms Banks interview and ‘Hallelujah’ on 1xtra.