Nadia Rose: “For Me There’s Only One Queen At A Time”

Nadia Rose is a surefire firestarter someone who’s not afraid of the competitive arena of rapping and she’s going for it with all the power she can put into the game.

Don’t underestimate Nadia Rose, she’s straight to the point, unapologetic, doing her thing and totally ready to take it there. Trying to be No.1 means that she’s got to cut through the competition and be fierce with it, she doesn’t play nice but we rate her for being straight about how she’s going about it. Nadia is her own machine and she’s coming through so best be ready for the Boom!

Catching up with Nadia Rose at her debut Arrival, Semtex caught up with the rising MC who doesn’t mind the pressure, infact she finds herself working best when she’s under pressure. Keeping the pressure on the scene, Nadia’s also pushing up the levels – check out her full interview above.