Nafets Unveils ‘The Death of Mr Ramen’ EP

Maryland based rapper Nafets previously showcased his genre bending sound on his smash hit ‘Jones‘ and with the release of a brand new EP entitled ‘The Death of Mr. Ramen’, he looks to continue this trend.

Comprised of a selective 6 tracks, the project is an exploration in sound, from the jazz hi hats on ‘France’ to the dark Wu-Tang influenced ‘Dojo’, the EP almost seems like a sounding board for Nafets to experiment on. This freedom in its design invites a number of artists to get involved, including Nigerian rapper EMEKA and regular collaborator SlimJimJones. Each track has it’s own story, with project opener ‘Redefine’ exploring his vulnerable side as he speaks on modern day in life in America [“they want to crucify me for acting different“].

“For me, music began as a way to unravel and explore myself and the ways in which I construct my identity”

The theme of self-discovery is one most common on the EP, as he reflects back on his life and choices, regularly asking questions – to his peers, to the infrastructure around him, to his listeners. One thing that ‘The Death of Mr Ramen’ does really well is giving development to the man behind the name, offering us an opportunity to explore the songs and how Nafets really is.