Nang’s Ralph Hardy Presents ‘Growing Pains 2’

A collection of UK music, amalgamated into one place is the dream right? No need to be jumping from Soundcloud to Soundcloud, or station to station. Well, NANG’s Ralph Hardy has done just that on his new compilation, Growing Pains 2′

Validating the versatility and talents from our shores, ‘Growing Pains 2’ is a curated compilation, showcasing the sounds of the UK that sit on the cusp of mainstream and alternative. At 24 tracks in length, expansive and generous can be two words to describe it. Featuring the likes of Ryan De La Cruz, MUNDU, Bobii Lewis, SNE, Geovarn, KwolleM and many more, ‘Growing Pains 2’ aims to highlight the artistry of these talents, proving them much more than confined by their relative genres.

Speaking of the project, Executive Producer Ralph Hardy says: “I’ve been to labels… Not everyone gets it, but hopefully they do with this. The compilation is my ideal way to show the masses that there’s a few of us out there that still care. The UK have been quietly screaming for a platform that are genuinely paying attention. I’m relieved. It was a long one to do with timing and human egos but the talent on the compilation is undisputed, unique and untouchable because of where it stems from. There’s a lot of unearthed sauce out there, my MacBook could certainly tell you that. It brings a varied range of artist’s music together to tell the most honest story of all, one that we can all relate to – life’s trials and the outcomes you allow. And here we are the second time around, a little older, a little wiser but still growing. I care so hopefully it makes others care too.’’

So, there’s not much else to do, other than hit play on the compilation below. Then after that, check out the video above which has some shots from the NANG parties and Ralph giving a behind the scenes insight into the club nights.